Manufacturing Superb Metal Products in the American Northwest for over 100 years.

Our reputation for high quality-built metal products has been developed for over 100 years in providing the best in customer service and products to our valued costumers throughout the Northwest.

Our Story

In 1912, the original business now called Oak Street Tank & Steel began in Lithia Park as The Park Garage, founded by Simeon Morris. Sim and his son Harry opened the Oak Street Garage in 1925, what is now the Standing Stone Brewing Co.

The Oak Street Garage practiced welding, blacksmithing and general repair work for the town of Ashland. In the 1930s, it began making steel tanks and soon earned the name Oak Street Tank and Steel, Inc.. In Sept. 1944, the company moved down to the train tracks where it stayed until 2,000. That building is now the A Street Marketplace.

The roots of the family business reach back to the beginnings of the town of Ashland. From Sim to Harry to Gene to Jim, the company has evolved through the generations adapting to the needs throughout the Rogue Valley and the entire Northwest.

Beginning the business as an automotive garage started a trend in necessity that has lasted over 100 years. Some of the names may have changed as the business has been handed down through generations, but the product has remained the same.

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